Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving On

Hi everyone,

With only one more final exam remaining, my graduation from The College of Saint Rose is quickly approaching! Having never experienced the traditional high school graduation, I now understand exactly what students are referring to when they say it is a bittersweet occasion. I feel very attached to my school and the many wonderful people I have met; it makes it difficult not to feel rather nostalgic about the transition, especially as I go through the routine of "that was my last French class," or "that was my last concert." I've made many memories there, and in a sense, I really feel as if I have "grown up" at St. Rose. But, I know I will always carry these experiences with me as I move on.

Indeed, looking towards the future, there are some phenomenally exciting things to look forward to this summer, including my first trip to Europe in June. (I can't wait to try out my French during our stay in Paris!) And then, it will be time to MOVE TO IU in August, a completely new stage of my life. I cannot wait to begin these next adventures, and will be sure to keep you posted!

All for now.