Saturday, December 26, 2009

School: Au Revoir!

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know, my last blog was officially a flop since I never got past my first and only post. However, exactly a year later, I am very happy to report that I will now be able to keep in touch much more frequently, as there have been some exciting changes in my schedule.

Like last year around this time, I am enjoying my winter break from school, although the powers that be have reduced it by a week this year. Nevertheless, I am especially excited this time because my undergraduate studies have very nearly come to a close. Next semester will be my final one, and a simple one at that, compared to the 21-credit load I was carrying this fall. The demands to complete a major in music as well as a minor in French in three years has certainly posed some challenges, and as much as I enjoy academics, I look forward to graduation. I have waited a long time to be free from the distractions of coursework so that I can concentrate solely on music and performing. I can't wait!

So, also like last time, I would like to encourage you to please send me any questions and comments you might have - I really enjoy hearing from people!

All for now.